Gringo on the Streets [NEW SHOW!]

Gringo on the Streets, Episode #3

Gringo on the Streets, Episode #2

Show notes:

The explosions you hear in the background are fireworks. I was in Valencia for “Las Fallas”–Valencia’s biggest festival. A big part of the festival is people set off small fireworks all week!

Gringo on the Streets, Episode #1

Show notes:

If you know any other words for cone or scoop (pertaining to ice cream) please tell me!

I said that the word for “ball” was “la bola”–and that’s true. But another very common word for “ball” is “pelota”–“la pelota”.

“La bola” means more a “ball” as in the shape (like a sphere). Then “la pelota” is more a sports “ball”. I’ve personally heard “pelota” a lot more than “bola”.

I didn’t address this in the video (by mistake)–but after she said “¿Qué más?” and I motioned for nothing else, I asked “Cuánto es?” — “How much is it?”

She then replied “Dos, ochenta” — “Two, eighty”.

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