State of the Gringo Address, Individual Realizations

These videos are from my recent “State of the Gringo Address” where I revealed my top 10 realizations of 2018.

The response to the video been amazing!

It’s long, though. 60 minutes. And I know it’s hard to set aside an hour.
But this stuff is important! I want you to see what I see. So I broke it up into individual realizations.

My Top 10 Realizations of 2018

#1: English is a Problem (3:45)

#2: Reality is the Key (2:31)

#3: Context is Reality, Reality is Context (5:28)

#4: Every Verb Takes Us On A Journey Through Space & Time (5:06)

#5: Pre-Positions POSITION Nouns BEFORE Nouns (2:57)

#6: We Don’t Know How Objects Work (2:28)

#7: Missing Direct Objects Kill Us (6:10)

#8: Conjunctions Are To Clauses, What Prepositions Are To Nouns (4:21)

#9: The Imperfect & Preterite Always Go Together (6:20)

#10: There is Only One True Cause of the Subjunctive (11:25)

#11: Nouns Do Verbs To Nouns (4:55)

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