The Song Strategy

The Flashcard Strategy is used to memorize new vocabulary words. The Conjugation Strategy is for learning all the different conjugations of verbs. In this video, I present The Song Strategy. One of the best ways to practice Spanish COMPREHENSION.

Some of my favorite songs for The Song Strategy:

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Jarabe de Palo (Spain)

Grita:  Video    Lyrics

Hay Dos Días En La Vida:  Video    Lyrics

Agua:  Video    Lyrics

Maná (Mexico)

En El Muelle De San Blás:  Video    Lyrics

Ana:  Video    Lyrics

Oye Mi Amor:  Video    Lyrics

Shakira (Colombia)

Octavo Día:  Video    Lyrics

Estoy Aquí:  Video    Lyrics

Oye Mi Amor:  Video    Lyrics

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