Preterite Vs. Imperfect, Rule of Thumb (Spanish Past Tense)

This is the first past tense video I’ve created on this site. The past tense is a bit tricky for us English speakers because there are two past tenses–each with a full conjugation. This video is a big picture, aerial view of what’s going on, how it’s different than what we do in English, and why it gives us such troubles.

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Verb Conjugation Boot Camp - Past Tense Edition

The video on this page is from my premium course, Verb Conjugation Boot Camp, Past Tense Edition.

There are over 40 videos in that course dedicated to one thing: You using the Spanish past tense properly when you speak.

The course follows my philosophy exactly: Focus. Learn. Practice.

Not only does the course FOCUS only on the past tense, but each module FOCUSES on one type of past tense conjugation (regular preterite, for example).

Then each video lesson FOCUSES on one specific conjugation pattern.

But the real way to “get good” with the past tense is to practice. You have to practice A LOT.

And Verb Conjugation Boot Camp includes tons of practice exercises (both written and audio) so you can do just that.

If you follow my instructions in this course (they are very specific) you’ll be really good with the Spanish past tense when you’re done.

There’s a 90-day money back guarantee (12 weeks approximately) and the course take 3 to 9 weeks to complete for most people.

So you can check it out, and get your money back if anything I’ve said here isn’t true–or you just didn’t get your money’s worth for any reason.

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