Cognate Pattern #2: ATE to AR Verbs

This Spanish Quickie covers another cognate group. Which means more free words! Remember, cognates are free words because they’re basically the same in both English and Spanish. Just knowing these words exist, really is way more than half the battle. They’re a good investment of your time, is my point. Watch the video. Peruse the Word List. Then get out there… and speak some Spanish!

Free Resources:

ATE to AR Verbs Word List (PDF)

ATE to AR Verbs Word List (ANKI)

ATE to AR Verbs Word List (txt)

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This video covers just one of the 30 cognate patterns from my premium course, Fun with Words. When you enroll in Fun with Words, you’ll get instant access to all 30 videos (and a ton more–cognates aren’t the only words covered).

The course includes everything you see on this page (the Word Lists) PLUS Audio Flashcards, which enable you to practice the words while driving, exercising, or whatever.

A native Spanish speaker says the word in Spanish, I say it in English. You can go in both directions, and shuffle them or mix them up. They’re really good practice.

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