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The videos on this page go in the order I made them (oldest on top, newest on bottom). If you would like to see them in the opposite direction (newest on top, oldest on bottom) click here.

  • The Flashcard Strategy

    Ahhh, The Flashcard Strategy… this one is near and dear to my heart. Anybody that knows my story knows I have a deep affection for making flashcards to memorize words. But you shouldn’t just throw the words on the cards and jump in randomly and haphazardly. Oh no.

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  • The Conjugation Strategy

    In this video, I’m going to go over the exact strategy I used when I was first learning Spanish, to practice all the different conjugations of a verb.

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  • The Song Strategy

    The Flashcard Strategy is used to memorize new vocabulary words. The Conjugation Strategy is for learning all the different conjugations of verbs. In this video, I present The Song Strategy. One of the best ways to practice Spanish COMPREHENSION.

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  • The Bare Minimum Method

    In this video you’ll get three steps to learning Spanish like a kid learns Spanish. When you’re done with this video, you’ll literally be ready to speak Spanish today! No exaggeration.

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  • The Puzzle Strategy

    The Puzzle Strategy is the best strategy I’ve got for improving your Spanish fast. Not only will your learn new words and grammar, but you’ll identify specifically what you need to work on.

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  • How to Learn Spanish, Part #1

    In this video, you’ll learn everything I personally did to learn Spanish PLUS what’s worked best for my students the last four years.

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  • How to Learn Spanish, Part #2

    In this video, you’ll get specific strategies and tactics you can use to learn Spanish–from your table, in a non-Spanish-speaking country.

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