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Subject: Pronunciation

The videos on this page go in the order I made them (oldest on top, newest on bottom). If you would like to see them in the opposite direction (newest on top, oldest on bottom) click here.

  • Basic Spanish Pronunciation

    Spanish pronunciation is pretty easy and straight forward. To be honest, if you can read English, you can basically already read Spanish. I don’t think it’s a wise use of your time to practice pronunciation much.

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  • Pronunciation in Spain

    Every Spanish-speaking country has a different accent. The trained ear (definitely not mine) can almost always tell you what country somebody is from just from their accent. Not me. But even I can tell when somebody comes from Spain. Except for perhaps Argentina, Spain’s accent is the most unique.

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  • Pronunciation Doesn’t Matter

    In this video, you’ll hear about something that happened while I was away that really disappointed me! I probably haven’t stressed this enough. I said it, but I didn’t stress it. Pronunciation doesn’t matter.

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