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Subject: Prepositions

The videos on this page go in the order I made them (oldest on top, newest on bottom). If you would like to see them in the opposite direction (newest on top, oldest on bottom) click here.

  • Two Magic Travel Spanish Words: A & De

    These two little teeny words saved my butt big time the first time I went to Spain and found myself at a little train station in the south–where nobody spoke English. In this video, not only do I tell you the straight up definitions, but I show you a few different ways to use “de”–one of the most common and useful words in all of Spanish.

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  • The Only Two Contractions In Spanish

    There are only two contractions in all of Spanish. And they are both very common when you’re traveling. These two words saved my butt the first time I ever went to Spain. In today’s video, I tell you that story and all about the only two contractions in Spanish.

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  • Spanish Acronym Pronunciation, Spain Vs. Latin America

    I went back to Spain recently for the first time in over 10 years. I was chatting with my buddy Manuel, and he said something quickly that sounded like gobbly gook. I had acclimated myself to the Latin American way of talking. There are differences. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t understand Manuel in Spain. And of course, what he was talking about–it didn’t even exist 10 years ago!

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  • The Spanish Personal A

    The personal a has no English counterpart. It’s just something you have to get use to. In this quick video, you’ll not only see how to use the personal a. But when to use it. And when NOT to use it.

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  • How Prepositions Work

    In this video, you’ll get 22 of the most common prepositions that’ll enable you to understand 80-90% of the prepositions you encounter.

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  • Por Vs. Para, An Introduction

    In this video, you’ll get the basic ideas behind “por” and “para”. The first step to understanding this difficult subject.

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  • Prepositions with Verbs

    Two videos ago, I showed you how prepositions work the same in Spanish as they do in English. Well, in this video… I show you how they’re different.

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