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Confusion, Confusion, Confusion!!!

How To Finally Master Spanish By Doing The Opposite Of What Your Teachers Tell You To Do

Are You Ready To Improve Your Spanish Skills Dramatically? If so, keep Reading, Because The Secret I'm About To Share With You Could Mean The Difference Between Remaining A Confused and Frustrated Gringo Or Gringa... Or Finally Achieving Total Spanish Mastery.

Hola! Jordan here.

If you're anything like me, your journey of learning Spanish has hit a wall.'ve probably been trying to climb over this wall for quite some time now.

I'm willing to bet this wall is simply:

Verb conjugation.

Doesn't it drive you crazy that Spanish seems to be nothing but exceptions? Formal and informal... AR, ER, and IR endings... Irregular verbs...

But you've got to master it, and here's why:

I'm going to let you in on a secret—most people who teach Spanish make learning verb conjugation more complicated than it needs to be.

...and when you don't get it right away, you say "I'll come back to it later". But by the time you come back to it, you're already left in the linguistic dust.


Because verbs are the central point of the Spanish language... you must get conjugation down pat in order to even have a chance at fluency!

It's not your fault.

Trust me, you're not the only one tripping up on this. I had an extremely hard time figuring this out myself.

As a high school student, my grasp of Spanish wasn't great... actually... I failed Spanish 2.

It wasn't until 6 years later, when I became totally obsessed with learning Spanish as quickly as possible, that I came to realize why I was so confused by my attempts to learn it in high school, and why traditional teaching methods don't work.

So, is there a way to make understanding and retaining verb conjugation easier?

Yes there is!

I've worked hard to create a quick and easy method, and I can't wait to share it with you.

I got so excited about it that I made it into an easy-to-use course you can devour immediately and start to get more proficient in just minutes! I call it:

Verb Conjugation Boot Camp

Listen... I know how it feels to spin your wheels.

Night after night, laying in bed wondering why it "just isn't clicking".

I've been there, and that's why I put this boot camp together: I know how easy it actually is.

I want to teach you my secrets. Are you ready to learn?

This boot camp is easy.

This boot camp produces fast results.

This boot camp is FUN.


Imagine going from an "F" to an "A". How good would that feel?

Imagine blowing past all your friends, your skill level skyrocketing so fast, they actually turn to you for advice! (Hey now, gotta have some fun with this)

Verb Conjugation Boot Camp - Everything You Need To Get Talking!

In order to help you master Spanish present tense verb conjugation, my boot camp will show you:

Just check out what some of my happy students are saying about it:

"I love your material. It takes the frustration out of Rosetta Stone. You break it down and explain it. Since I'm a visual learner it's very helpful that you provide the Conjugation Keys. The audio files are extremely helpful for pronunciation and recall practice."

Kim Bruce, California, USA

"It's pleasing me to no end that I'm already comfortable with these regular conjugations after just a couple of days. I love what I'm learning! I've been using DuoLingo for a month or so, and though I've certainly learned some that way, using your Flashcard Strategy and Conjugation Strategy and starting Verb Conjugation Boot Camp has helped far more!"

Priscilla Adams, South Carolina, USA

"I'm going to use your video to show the kids tomorrow as a review to the lesson. You sum up everything so well and in a concise manner. ¡Muchas gracias amigo!"

Ryan Yates, Spanish teacher

"These are really motivating for my students. Gonna use them all!"

Melanie Gomez, Spanish teacher

"I had an F in Spanish and after watching this and studying it, I now have a B!"

Mikaylah Green, Spanish student


How Much Will The Boot Camp Cost?

This course is so valuable, (and will speed up your results so quickly) that I could honestly charge $200 and it would be worth every penny!

But I'm not some big corporation that needs to "maximize shareholder value". I'm a lifelong learner like you. I know what it's like, I'm out here in the real world just like you.

If I can recoup my costs of putting this boot camp together for you and make enough to keep the lights on and continue to make you cool videos, training, and courses, I'm happy!

That's why you aren't going to pay $200 for my incredible boot camp.

I'm not going to charge you $100... or even $50...

If you invest in yourself today (and commit to finally breaking through and mastering Spanish), you can purchase my entire Verb Conjugation Boot Camp for one easy payment of only $27.

It's only $27 because I'm committed to making sure you have no excuse, and every opportunity, to finally break through to the next level.

Simply put, if you go through these videos and perform all of the practices prescribed, you will learn verb conjugation, in fact, I guarantee it!

I'm so confident my Verb Conjugation Boot Camp is right for you, that I'll give you a 90-day, 100% money back guarantee.

If for any reason you do decide you want your money back, let me know and I'll issue a refund immediately and for any reason.


...of my countless students, not one has ever asked for a refund.

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OK! You've read this page, you're fed up with your lack of progress, and you know something needs to change. This is the next logical step in your Spanish speaking journey.

Buena suerte,

Jordan Ellington

P.S. In case you're like me and scroll straight to the bottom, here's the deal:

The main reason you can't "get fluent" in Spanish is your confusion with verb conjugation. I was totally obsessed with learning Spanish while I lived with a bunch of people from Spain for six months, and came to an amazing revelation. I put my secrets in a course for you to buy today. I'm selling it for only $27 and you can return it anytime in the next 90 days. Don't miss out, this boot camp is for you. Enroll here.

As they so famously say:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again when it doesn't work." So if you keep doing what you're doing now, you'll be in the same place next year. Order now.