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Logical Spanish — An A-to-Z Spanish Course, From Somebody Who Speaks Your Language.

I did some serious thinking recently.  Learning Spanish has to be more than just memorizing vocabulary and learning the grammar rules.  There has to be something else involved.

Because even when we know all the words in a sentence, and understand the grammar–when we see stuff in real life, a book, newspaper, subtitles–whatever, we’re still left confused and frustrated.  Who did what to who?  Why the extra “le”?

But beyond the words and the grammar, what else is there?  Then it hit me.

First, I realized… English is a problem.  We know how to speak English, but we don’t know how it works.  There are at least two reasons for this:

1)  Most people don’t understand how they use their native language–they just use it.  We learn to speak naturally when we’re children.  We don’t learn about grammar or any of the nomenclature until we get to school, and already speak.  We have to understand the language to understand the nomenclature.  This happens with every language.

2)  English in particular is wacky.  We have rules, but we don’t follow them religiously–so they’re not really rules.  But again, we’re not aware of this most of the time, because we don’t know how English works.

English is a problem.  Watch this video, I include examples:

Okay, that’s nice.  But what’s the solution?  Funny you asked, I realized the solution!  I realized the KEY…

See what’s going on?  English and Spanish are both codes for reality.  They both represent reality, but not word-for-word.  That means, when an English sentence doesn’t match a Spanish sentence, it’s because they’re describing the same reality, but in a different way.

When English doesn’t match Spanish, we rewrite the sentences literally, word-for-word in the language of reality.  It’s not a magic trick, it’s simply a way for us to understand what’s going on–why the English and Spanish don’t match (different vocab, different sentence construction, etc).

In a nutshell, Logical Spanish is an A-to-Z Spanish course designed to replace your grammar book.  It’s a grammar book on steroids.  Not only are we going to cover every grammar issue the grammar books do (all through video) — we’re also going to talk about all the different ways English and Spanish don’t match reality word-for-word.

For example, I now know that language is just as much about what we DON’T say, as it is about what we DO say…

The missing piece to the puzzle is human logic!  To speak a foreign language, we need to know the vocabulary, the grammar patterns (they’re not rules!) and we need to be constantly be using our human logic.

Language is a puzzle with three pieces.  Vocabulary, grammar, human logic.

It’s the human logic that is missing from most schools, classes, books and programs.

Wherever I look, I see things I was missing before.  Not because I learned new words, or new grammar patterns.  Because now I’m using my human logic.

Even when I look at the basic, “parts of speech” — like verbs and prepositions, I see things I’ve never seen before.

Out of everything I’ve realized this last year about English, Spanish–and about language, what’s helped me the most is realizing that SO many clauses are missing their direct objects.  I’d say that’s the number #1 cause of mismatches between English and reality.

If that seems crazy to you–join the club.  It really surprised me, as well.

Depending on your Spanish level, you might find these other videos helpful:  more Logical Spanish videos

I know this isn’t the spiffiest sales page, but I’m spending all my time right now on new videos, I don’t want to slow down on that.  Here’s what the early reviews say:


I just wanted to let you know that the logical approach is really connecting with me.

I genuinely didn’t understand this stuff in English so having you go through it step by step has already allowed me to get a better handle on a few things that were confusing me in Spanish.

As an archaeologist we also have a saying that context is everything. I just hadn’t made the connection to language learning.

Really enjoying and learning from all of your content.

Keep it coming!


–Gary Millward


I’m the guy who doesn’t do Facebook, 70 year old whose been studying Spanish like a banshee for the past year and a half. Anyway-I love the Logical Spanish course! It has answered so many questions I have had! Many of those questions were restricting my learning of Spanish. I keep kicking myself that I didn’t pay attention when I was younger in school English classes.

Thank you for your great work!

–Jerry Komassa

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

For 90 days, if you’re not happy with the course for any reason, not only will I give you a full refund, but I’ll let you keep the course for free. That’s how confident I am in Logical Spanish, and it’s ability to help you learn Spanish for real this time.


I’m making the course as I go.  Right now, there are three modules, with over 25 videos, and a total run time of over three hours.  I’m releasing a new module every 7 to 10 days, until the course is complete.

If you want to receive new videos from me weekly or monthly–in addition to the videos I post on YouTube, this is how to do that.  I’ll be delivering new videos (a new module) every 7 to 10 days.

This course is like my free videos, but I’m hitting everything–not just the main stuff.  And it’s all neatly organized. I tell you exactly what to do, in what order:  watch this video, memorize these words, learn this conjugation, do this practice worksheet.  That kind of thing.

Logical Spanish

An A-to-Z Spanish course… from somebody who speaks your language.
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